Our computational biology lab develops methods to help improve our understanding of the natural world. This includes applying those methods to predict and diagnose human diseases related to the microbiome. See our publications here


Climate statement

We are thinking through ways to conduct our science while minimizing our carbon footprint. This may include reducing our usage of air travel to attend meetings and conferences. Another approach we are trying out is to offset the carbon from any remaining work-related air travel, as follows:

  1. Calculate the emissions of your flight per passenger using the ICAO calculator, or use this rule of thumb: a typical round-trip domestic flight emits around 1,000 lbs or less of carbon per passenger; a typical international flight emits around 2,000 lbs or less of carbon per passenger. 

  2. Purchase audited carbon offsets at terrapass.com. Currently this will cost $5 per 1,000 pounds, so $5 for a domestic flight and $10 for an international flight. Make your flight carbon-negative by doubling the amount.

Join us!


If you are interested in joining the lab, you can contact me at dknights@umn.edu. However, I am on sabbatical in 2021 and I am generally not accepting new lab members at this time.

Want to support our research? Please contact the University of Minnesota Foundation.